CatsPi Industrial (Lite) version

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CatsPi Industrial (Lite) version

***Raspberry Pi CM4 is NOT included.


For international order, Please email to

Price : $70 USD+ Standard shipping $15.00 USD or Express DHL $60.00 USD

Payment for internaltion order : Paypal :



"CatsPi Industrial (Lite) is included: 

  1. -x1 CatsPi Industrial (Lite) board

Product Specification

  1. Compatibled with Raspberry Pi CM4 with eMMC version only.
  2. USB Type-C - Main Input +5V PD 3A
  3. micro HDMI port
  4. USB micro-B for update Rpi OS (rpiboot)
  5. Switch for WAKE ot RESET
  6. USB Type-A Host port x2
  7. RS485 Isolated port x1
  8. LAN gigabit ethernet x1
  9. Onboard MCU ATtiny85 with custom firmware for Watchdog (*with Linux driver supported)
  10. GPIO header with standard 40-pin
  11. Power supupervisor IC for detect low voltage dropped to 4.63V to OFF board (Global EN = OFF)


***Raspberry Pi CM4 in the picture is NOT included.




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