MEGO Development Board

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MEGO Development Board (WiFi MCU)

ตัวเลือกสินค้ามี 3 แบบ

1.บอร์ด MEGO = 2,800 บาท

2.บอร์ด MEGO + บอร์ด I/O = 3,190 บาท

3."MEGO Developement Kit" = บอร์ด MEGO + บอร์ด I/O + อุปกรณ์ต่อพ่วงต่างๆ สำหรับฝึกอบรม = 3,800 บาท

The MEGO is 32 bit microcontroller development board perfect for the prototyping & learning embedded systems. It has 16 Digital I/O, 8 Analog Input (12 bit), I2C, SPI and Serial. with RTC, SD card slot onboard and WiFi 2.4GHz capabilities.

At its heart, the Espressif ESP8266 WiFi SoC “WROOM-02” module. It is FCC, CE, TELEC, Wi-Fi Alliance, and SRRC certified module with an onboard antenna.

Espressif System's WROOM-02 is a low cost WiFi SoC, A 32-bit low power micro-controller with CPU clock of 160MHz, 50KB of user available RAM and an external 2MB of Flash memory with a full WiFi front-end (both as client and access point). There are two variants “02D” and “02U”. ESP-WROOM-02D, come with onboard antenna and ESP-WROOM-02U integrates a U.FL connector.

MEGO Specification

  • Espressif MCU 32 bit @160 MHz (WROOM-02 ESP8266)
  • WiFi 2.4GHz , Memory Flash 2MB, RAM 50k
  • 8 Analog Input (A0-A7), 12 bit ADC (3.3/5V)
  • 16 Digital (3.3V/5V) I/O (D0-D15) Supported (1-Wire,DHTxx,SoftSerial,SoftI2C)
  • RTC (Real-Time Clock) Onboard
  • Micro SD Card onboard
  • Power Supply Input 12V/24V (3A)
  • Onboard USB debug and programming (Speed 921600)
  • SPI = 1 Port (3.3V/5V)
  • I2C = 1 Port (3.3/5V)
  • Serial = 1 Port (3.3/5V)
  • Dimension 85mmx56.2mm

  • 1.Battery Holder CR12201225 (3.3V)
  • 2.Espressif MCU WROOM-02
  • 3.Micro-SD Card Slot
  • 4.IC MCP23S18 (SPI) Expansion 16 bit GPIOs
  • 5.IC MC3208 (SPI) ADC 12bit 8 Ch
  • 6.IC RTCC Microchip MCP79410
  • 7.User/Config Button
  • 8.Reset Button
  • 9.IC Switching Voltage Regulator LM2576-5 5V 3A
  • 10.IC LDO Voltage Regulator LM1117 3.3V 1A
  • 11.USB UART Bridge Silicon Labs CP2104
  • 12.USB Type B Debug/Programming Port
  • 13.Vin Connector DC 12V or 24V (Max 30V)
  • 14.GPIO Port 1
  • 15.GPIO Port 2

Pin Definition

Port1: 40 Pin Connector

Port2: 14 Pin Connector

Software Development Tool

In addition, The MEGO Board can be programmed using established development tools, such as Arduino IDE, LabVIEW (Qwave MEGO Embedded Library), Python (uPython).

1.LabVIEW: MEGO Library (.vip)

2.Arduino IDE you can write your own firmware running in MEGO board using Arduino IDE. The QwaveSys MEGO board package is required. 


Board PCB Layout




MEGO Expansion Board

Standard Edition (MEGO Kit) +I/O Board+Sensor+LCD+Relay+CD+Jumper Wire, Etc..
Standard Edition
Standard Edition+I/O Board

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